Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Junos Space Security Director - Part II

The second part of this guide demonstrates how to add the Log Collector subsystem to Junos Space (version 14.1R3.4). It assumes that Junos Space and Security Director are already deployed and operational. For steps on deploying Junos Space and Security Director, see this post.

  1. Download the Log Collector OVA image from the Juniper Networks support site.
  2. Install the Log Collector image in your virtual environment. Refer to this Juniper document for details on how to size things.
  3. Upon starting the VM, enter the following credentials:
    1. root
    2. juniper123
  4. Change the password.
  5. Follow the prompts to configure the following settings:
    1. Configure IP address
      1. eth0 pulls a dynamic address, which you can change to a static (i.e.
      2. eth1 is statically set by default. You can leave this alone.
    2. Configure time zone
    3. Configure name server settings
    4. Configure ntp settings
    5. Quit
  6. In Junos Space, navigate to Administration -> Fabric, and select the green button to add a fabric node.
  7. Name the node, type the IP of the collector, check the Add as a specialized node option, and enter the login credentials. 
  8. Check the job status under Jobs -> Job Management
  9. Once complete, log out and then log in again.
The next post will show you how to import and manage an SRX series firewall, and begin logging traffic.

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