Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Junos Space Security Director - Part I

The first part of this guide demonstrates the initial deployment of Junos Space and Security Director (version 14.1R3.4) in a virtual environment.
  1. Download the Junos Space (OVA) and Security Director (IMG) images from the Juniper Networks support site.
  2. Install the Junos Space image in your virtual environment. Refer to this Juniper page for details on how to size things. 
  3. Upon starting the VM, enter the default credentials:
    1. admin
    2. abc123
  4. Change the password.
  5. Select "S" to install Space.
  6. Configure the interface for eth0 to be used for management access (i.e.
  7. Configure the interface for the GUI (i.e.
  8. Junos Space will then be deployed, with the GUI showing the following:
  9. Upon completion, enter the following credentials:
    1. super
    2. juniper123
  10. Change the password.
  11. Login using the new password.
  12. Navigate to Administration -> Applications to add an application (green button).
  13. Upload the Security Director image via HTTP.
  14. Select the Security Director image that was previously uploaded and click Install, then OK.
    • Note - If you navigate away from the upload page, you will have to navigate back to Administration -> Applications and click the green button again to see the uploaded application.
  15. Navigate to Jobs -> Job Management to check the status of the install.
  16. Once complete, log out and then log back in, and then navigate to Administration -> Applications to look at what was installed.
The next post will show how to add the Log Collector subsystem to Junos Space.

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